Denis Abrard

Born in 1972 and raised in the Alps, I spent my childhood on a French farm in an environment close to nature and manual work. So naturally, my school orientation and first work experiences in the Provence and in Britanny were in the domains of agriculture and horticulture.


Afterwards I worked for about twelve years in the medico-social field, with all its emotional challenges, providing care and vocational training for people with disabilities in France, Switzerland and Quebec.


First as a hobby beside my work, I have gradually taken up woodworking during the past fifteen years, producing carved wooden murals and other decorative painted and sculpted objects.


In 2005, I decided to devote my full time to my passion for woodworking and I pursued studies at the École Nationale du meuble et de l’ébénisterie (School of cabinet–making) in Victoriaville, Quebec. During these two years, besides my growing interest in sculpture, I discovered marquetry, also called “painting with wood“ and acquired a taste for antique rural heritage.


In the spring of 2007, my partner Florentina and I moved to Newfoundland, attracted by the rich culture, heritage and wildlife of this Atlantic region.  At this stage, I create and propose works of fine cabinet making and marquetry that are inspired and imprinted by the Atlantic environment. Less well known, marquetry is akin to painting as an art form where the choice of motives, execution of the design and the play with colors make each creation unique and original.